At Saint Destiny, we are committed to the ethical process of making our clothes. An integral part of our label is about being a slow fashion brand. We care about the people that make the clothes and the environmental impact we make. We are so happy you are a part of our journey  - Thank you for buying small and ethical. 



We live in a time where overconsumption is at an all-time high. We're going through trend cycles extremely fast - which results in a throwaway culture. Consumers aren’t keeping items as long as they used to, and garments are not made as well as they used to. These garments are made with cheap labor,  predominantly by women, in unsafe and unclean factories. These women work grueling hours, and at times get their families displaced because of the inability to make a living wage. It’s essential to be aware of our impact on the earth- as a consumer and a brand. We must work together to change what is currently going on in our world. 



We use deadstock, recycled, or natural fabrics. The fabric that goes unused is donated to local fashion programs. Our scraps are donated to fill punching bags or reused for different projects. None of our materials get thrown away. Everything is made-to-order, and this process alone helps us minimize our fabric waste. 



All of our clothes are made-to-order by our seamstresses and our owner in Denver, CO. All seamstresses have insured a living wage and work in clean and safe conditions in their homes. We ensure that you are getting the best product, made in the safest environment. 



All of our pieces are made-to-order hence why we do a pre-order method for all of our products. Certain items will be made in small batches- this avoids overproduction and unnecessary waste. 



Our shipping boxes are recyclable. Our bags are reusable as they are biodegradable cornstarch bags. 


Price Transparency

We’ve included price transparency on all of our products, including a breakdown of how much it costs to create each piece. We believe that you deserve to know precisely what you are paying for.