We sketch our designs on an iPad and then go fabric shopping.  What we look for in fabric is the quality and something that feels comfortable. We then move on to the draping and pattern making process.  Once the style is designed, we start the sewing process. Once the designs are sewed, a painstaking fitting process is undertaken to make sure that every piece fits perfectly.   Once the fitting process is complete the photoshoots begin.  The models are photographed to showcase the clothing on our website.  Once our customers place an order, the garment is hand sewn to order, packaged in our studio and mailed directly to you.  From design to shipping, every aspect of your order is completed in our studio. 


  All Pieces Made To Order

       At Saint Destiny, all of our items are made to order. What does this mean?

Often times clothing companies will pre make items before they are sold, resulting in items going unsold and leftover, creating unwanted waste. At Saint Destiny, each item is handmade after the order is placed, therefore avoiding unwanted garments and fabric being wasted. While this may take longer for your item to get to you, it insures less waste of materials and makes for a more sustainable process on our side!