Saint Destiny

[ san-dest-ahn ] - Meaning Holy Fate


The ethical brand that brings mystery to your closet: Saint Destiny is a handmade womenswear label made to make you feel powerful and sexy. 

Founded by self-taught designer Jennifer Saint in 2019, Saint Destiny was born out of love and a passion for life and the female body.

“I create collections that I've dreamed about in my youth. As an adolescent, I spent countless hours daydreaming about my dream life and the wardrobe I would wear when I got older. My inner child has fueled the vision for my brand. My start in fashion started at the young age of 9. I started hand sewing dream pieces I’ve always wanted but couldn’t afford. Soon after, I got my first sewing machine and started upcycling and creating unique garments. Growing up without a lot of money makes you value fashion. I had to be creative - going to yard sales, thrift shops, and upcycling mundane pieces helped me get closer to the style I desired. Through this, I became fascinated with the world of fashion. All of my work is influenced by my childhood nostalgia - the movies I watched, the music I listened to, and the drawings I drew. Coming from immigrant parents, fashion was never taken as a viable career in my household.  I strayed away from my love of fashion for many years and decided to go to college to become a mechanical engineer. Quickly I realized that was not in the cards for me. Over time, my love for fashion arose once again, hence - creating Saint Destiny. “ - Jennifer 

We are committed to our slow fashion and ethical practices. Our made-to-order process helps us minimize waste and gives you more options for custom sizing/colors. All of our items are ethically handmade by our seamstress and owner in Denver, Colorado. To learn more, see our Ethical and Sustainability statement.  

Our mission is to make women feel like the protagonist of their life and help them dress like it too. We strive to instill confidence and strength in how women look and feel by breaking societal norms in how we traditionally dress. 

We’ve cultivated this chic, nostalgic fantasy that every woman wants to be a part of. Handmade with you in mind. Each piece is designed to last for your wildest dreams.